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I was living like what the heck did I
get myself into hey all whats up welcome
back to my channel today I’m coming to
you guys with a very real open and
honest video I thought it would help at
least one person out there hopefully so
basically I’m talking about like you
guys can see in the title things that I
didn’t expect with the dog and kind of
what I felt whenever I kind of hit like
the old crap what did I get myself into
type of thing because it’s real and so
anyway here’s a my puppy he is Camilla
come on he is a Maltipoo he’s apricot
color and he is 15 weeks today he is the
sweetest most loving little pup and
really smart and it can be mischievous
sometimes if I’m not careful he’s really
really sweet but y’all when I first got

I was like oh crap
like I got it over my head and I can’t
do this and so I just wanted to talk to
you guys about that he’s literally
trying to sneak off right now what are
you doing Bubba oh don’t you think about
it come here so I first got him he’s
he’s been with me for three weeks now
three weeks yeah I guess huh
yeah and he’s been with me for three
weeks now and so it’s felt like forever
at this point but the first three days
well I thought I wasn’t have to give it
back because he was just he was too big
of a responsibility and I thought I’d
bit off too much than I can chew in the
first 72 hours I was like what did I get
myself into so that’s why one of you
guys to watch this before you get a
things that I didn’t expect what I
really felt and this is just very honest
and open me talking to you guys about
the situation so anyway he’s just
resting and sleep on my shoulder right
now but uh so yes so all the expenses I
was prepared for that I was ready for
that I really had everything that I
really needed for a puppy like months
before I actually got once I knew I was
gonna get one but y’all he got here the
first night well first and foremost on
the way from the breeder
he threw up in his little carry bag like
a lot and I was like oh my gosh she’s
like one I felt horrible – I was like
already Wow like you and me laugh cause
you hear about like these things that
you don’t have to like picked up and do
and suffice that but it wasn’t a problem
at all I just pulled over at that like I
saw it on the way and grab some napkins
and softened helped him out he looked so
sad and so first night you wouldn’t miss
Krait really really easy I am crate
training him when is current really easy
because he was scared so he was like
ready that like get in that crate and by
himself she was so scared and so I put
our I put this little toy in there with
him it looks kind of like him to me and
so I thought I was really cute ever I
got it and so I put it over him to kind
of mimic like his look his like
littermate and stuff like that so he was
fine the first night but y’all the
second night I have to create in my room
with me he’s just knocked out right now
I have to create under my desk and he
cried for like no I’m gonna describe are
try green grout for 45 minutes until he
finally said I don’t want to sleep go I
was like and I’ve heard you know the
first you know days and the weeks or
heart what’s a new puppy and I
suggesting a stuff like that and I get
that but y’all it’s nothing that I could
prepare myself for so my friend was like
honestly she let her dog stay in her
room with her you know for the first few
nights but then after that she put his
crate in the living room so I was like
okay I’m gonna try that and he’s still
cried as much but it was better after
like for the both of us one because if
he saw me right next to him here’s the
trick with him if he sees me right next
to him he wants me to be by him if it’s
kind of like out of sight out of mind if
I’m away then it’s fine he’s not really
focused on it and that’s even how it is
like now I’ll have him in this playpen
or whatever and he’ll be you know crying
whenever if I’m sitting right next to
him but if I walk out of there he’s fine
I put his crate in the living room it’s
still in the living room hazard in the
living room oh I think another part that
was so hard was that it was like that
weekend was a lot going
my college roommate who I lived with for
four years in college came and visited
me that week in the same weekend I got a
dog so there’s really bad timing on my
part but I was like so anxious and so
excited good dog so anyway that next
thing we went to like tops off knows
other stuff and I felt so bad it was
like this is like dog owner remorse if
that’s even a thing but I like left him
in this crate and it’ll come back and
sometimes this for like an hour with him
and then we leave and go somewhere else
so I felt horrible um and so that was a
lot of his fuck-ups putting on a
pressure of myself for that
he was fine when we’re gone he was sleek
he was chillin and then the next stable
in Hurricane Harbor and I felt horrible
about that because it was like you know
like a few hours

whatever away he had
food and water so he was fine but it was
just like I was just like oh my god this
is a big responsibility he’s literally
like having a child so that’s not
thought about that part but the sleeping
thing was a big part for me because I
was like if y’all personally know me
I’ll know if I do not get my sleep or if
I’m hungry
like if I’m hangry or like sleepy like
extremely sleepy I am NOT I am like I am
not happy so that’s kind of what was
happening and it was kind of it was
frustrating because the front the second
night when I had him here he was he did
not want to go to sleep he was like
screaming and everything and I was
trying to keep him up and I was holding
him and I looked at my I call it
roommate and I was like and he oh my
gosh anyway it got better over the
course of it but y’all like that I was
just like what the heck did I do and so
I remember I was heading to this is me
being very honest with you guys I hate I
was heading to TJ Maxx my parents house
cuz they have a really good like dog
solution and I said in the car and I was
like I’m not getting out because I
literally went there for dogs I thought
I’m not getting out writing anything
else for this dog and I just had like I
kind of like broke down and I was like
crying and I was like oh my gosh what
did I do
you know I feel horrible to get this dog
back because he’s already you know gonna
big dog it’s still attached to you so
quick and so I was like oh my gosh it’s
a horrible he’s like this like little
helpless thing doesn’t know any better
but I was just like oh my gosh and so
anyway I literally I called my best
friend I was like Jordan I don’t know
what to do right now like I’m freaking
out she’s like you know just give him
more time it’s normal that that happens
and so y’all I’m literally looking a
different blog post like I got a dog and
I don’t want him like I’m just being
honest I thought that’s like the titles
I’m looking at what stuff came up and I
was just lady who did a blog post
and basically we’re riding into her
because I thought she felt she first got
a dog and she like wrote about it before
writing in her and she was saying
there’s something about the first 72
hours that after that people were like
done and that was the third day I had
him and I was like that’s interesting
you know Jordan kept saying give him
more time you more time you know after a
month reassessed but etc and so I just
felt horrible ago I was like crying I
prayed about it and so I was to the
point where I was like in my head I was
said I’m like I’m gonna do this I can’t
do it I’m not doing it um and I was
gonna give him back

I was going to give
this little sweet boy back on that next
stage so then so then I ended up talking
to my boyfriend Christian that night and
I was telling him the problems I was
having with him and the thoughts of like
thoughts I was having and I feel like
I’ve made myself think that my allergies
are missing which made my a semester it
was because of him and there’s a lot
going on so anyway he was like gonna be
very honest with you and I was like yeah
he was like something’s telling me that
he was like something’s telling me that
you’re just you just want to give up
because it’s hard I was like okay and so
well you talked through that and he was
like honestly like keep doing it keep
trying like he needs you he’s like he’s
a puppy he’s a baby and so anyway it
that was a conversation that literally
is the reason he’s still here to be very
honest because I was just like I can’t
do this I feel horrible like I’m not a
good dog owner and I feel like he would
be better suited other places and
excetera also there’s stuff and I’m just
so thankful for that conversation
because I absolutely love him I always
loved him I loved him like that day I
brought him home it was just tough it
was really tough and really hard and so
y’all he must be really sleepy because
he is knocked out he has never been
knocked out in this position with me
that’s that whole story but it wasn’t
even the poop it wasn’t you know stretch
of throwing up it wasn’t any of like the
maxi stuff it was just the thought that
I was like oh holy crap like what did I
get myself into this is a lot of
possibility like what if I want to leave
the house I was just feeling like oh I
couldn’t do anything
oh if I come home after you know cater
to him and Christian was like you’re
doing too much he was like you’re
putting a lot of pressure on yourself
because you’re so used to everything you
know you wanted to do stuff with
perfection etc and he was like he was
like just chill out a little bit on it
and I was like oh okay he was like he’s
a dog he was like your dog is treated
in the 98th percentile of how other dogs
are treated

he was like it’s okay
and so he kind of put it in perspective
cuz I was like okay I don’t have to be
with him 24/7 oh I don’t have to you
know hold him every hour I don’t have to
hand feed him you know like stuff like
that and I was like okay so that kind of
puts some things I got a new this but I
didn’t realize I guess I was doing it
and that’s what was putting so much
pressure on me because I was trying to
overdo it and over I don’t know what the
heck was going on so anyway hopefully
that part makes sense but that was like
a huge like realization anyway I just
kept going and kept trying and like the
days went by I was okay – we got this
and I looked at him

I look Christian
left that my I literally looked at – no okay buddy we’re gonna try to do this
and he like looked up at me not like I
was crying because I was so sad that I
was gonna have to possibly give him up
and so I was like crying and he like
looked up at me laid his head on my
chest and I was like oh my gosh and so
that next day I looked in the mirror
with him and I was like okay bud we’re
gonna stick this out we got this you
need me I need you we’re gonna do it so
I don’t know something like he’s just a
dog but no he’s like he is a dog but he
is just the sweetest little pup in the
world I’m just very thankful that it
stuck it out so I’m here to tell you
guys after that long story
first and foremost he’s he’s an amazing
dog he’s so smart it’s so much fun like
he’s gonna be really hyper but he can be
really chill he’s he’s not a bad dog
he’s really really smart very sweet so
I’m here to tell you guys if you are
interested in a dog first be sure that
you do your research and make sure it’s
the right dog for you but I really love
about – about multi foods is that
they’re hypoallergenic and he doesn’t
shit I have to worry about talk
everywhere I hate with my hairs
everywhere so let alone dog hair and
he’s hyper allergenic so I don’t worry
about that cuz I don’t have asthma and
so that won’t that would really affect
anything but you mean like it helped
then the other thing is that host I do
your research a lot of times with dogs
bait whenever you’re chillin oh chill
whenever you’re hyper they’ll get hyper
it’s just a really read their owner very
very well and so that’s a good point to
remember that it gets better and they’ll
chill out if you’re having problems at
night it gets better I’ve moved his
crate into the living room and then I
also put a black like a unfitted sheet
that I just got from Walmart like five
bucks I put that over his over his crate
at night can help him sleep and that
he’s like burrowed in there and that he
feels like that’s his space and so
that’s what I do not just keep the
door open all the time I put again I put
this little toy in there with them and I
put this like little chewing bone in
there with them too that way at night in
case he you know just wants to chew on
something he has this option so that’s
what I do with that yeah so I’m just
here to tell y’all Bubba you sleepy his
head is falling it’s okay it gets better
I know I’m like holding him like a
little baby hi Bubba but I love it it
took me a while to get to that point but
I’m there now and he is literally y’all
can just oh oh the fact that he
literally stuff like that the whole
video is so rare like he does not do
that like he is usually kind of hyper um
especially if I’m here and about and I
have all this toys out sighs from
another video but anyway it’s gonna come
out and talk to y’all about that it let
y’all know if you are new puppy dog
owner or if you’re getting ready to get
a puppy or dog or whatever on that it
does get better there are different ways
to do it something that helped him sleep
at night I believe were these things
it’s basically good behavior calming
drops and it’s basically the same like
pheromone technology and pheromones
smells I guess and whatever that is as
the mom so it gives like a comforting
scent and then also putting the sheet
over his crate was really helpful I
think that helped him tremendously
and then also like where your dog out
like exercise them run them around
before bedtime and then calm them down
and just stick them in the crate when
you put them in the crate leave them
there do not go back if they’re crying
that’s gonna teach some horrible
behavior if you keep going back when
they’re crying said he Chism that if
they cry you’ll come and so you put them
in close a little the little thing over
it and they’re good and so he’s chill
and he’s gotten used to it he gets too
used to his routine and something that’s
also been really helpful I’ve watched so
many dog training videos Zak George is
absolutely amazing I’ve watched like
pretty much majority of his dogs many
videos that have been really helpful and
just tips for a new puppy and puppy
biting and stuff like that something
that’s also been really helpful in this
process is this bitter Apple spray it
basically keeps your dogs from biting on
your shoes in your coffee table and your
tripods and anything else that you don’t
want them to bite on basically you just
spray it on there or wherever and they
hate how it takes it’s super bitter for
them and they do not like it so it’ll
teach them over time to not buy
that it does only last was 24 hours and
so typically – doesn’t really chew on
one consecutive thing he’ll try to chew
he used to try to tell my fingers don’t
spray down my fingers and then after
like three trump three tries of doing
that he hasn’t never done it again and
so it helps with people it helps up
there it helps like with people’s
fingers people’s toes and ankles and
stuff you can spray it all over so
that’s just a few tips that I have for
you guys I promise you it gets better if
you have a new puppy I promise you I
promise you I don’t know the exact time
period that it will get better could
better get better within a week I was
thinking of all the things I couldn’t do
anymore rather than thinking of all the
great things that I can do and that we
can go on walk so we can go to the
stores together and we can do all types
of stuff and just have a little like
little thing chasing me around the
apartment whenever I just feel like
doing something that’s just my story
hopefully that was hoping for you guys
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