This is all about my
friends camper say I can’t burn
everybody who’s out here camper and let
I just tell you I was not ready for
camper Kristen.

wanted a dog she said as soon as we get
married we’re getting a dog, so you know
what what she says goes we got camper
about we got camper about two months ago
I wanted a dog I liked the idea of a dog
I just didn’t think I wanted it right
now because then when the puppy is at
your house

it gets very real, so we’re going to do
five things that suck about having a dog
and five things that are awesome about
having a dog, we are going to start off
with the five things that suck so that
we can end this video on a happy note
let’s start with number one baby fricken
shares what to do it the first thing
that sucks about having camper is
leaving him at the house, it’s the dad that
you’re gonna leave him yeah well you
don’t want to take him on the hike so
instead, they are leaving and I’ll he’ll
be sadder all night cuz it’d be so hot
I hate to leave them at the house and
it’s not one of those all, but he’s so
cute that like

I don’t want to leave him
alone I feel bad for him that’s that’s
definitely a variable in this but the
the thing that sucks the most is when I’m
out and I don’t want to come back home I
have to come back home and feed him and
do whatever Kristen’s like I’m out for
the day you gotta come home, so it’s kind
of like a selfish oh I have to go back
home and like take care of him don’t get
me wrong I love camper and yes of course
like every day when I come back, I’m like
oh it’s sad that he was by himself but
sometimes like I’m trying to do you
know what I’m saying
this is going to sound really cliche but
when he peeps and poops it is so
freaking annoying I grew up on a 5 acre
lot growing up which is like a very very
large yard when we had dogs I never saw
poop I just never thought about this
until now but I never stepped in dog
poop but even in my own yard
somehow the dogs would find a corner of
the yard where they would go poop and I
would never see it and it would never be
a problem my yard is tiny the yard gets
covered in poop in literally one day.

I have to go in poop
looks crispy doesn’t like cleaning up
the tube so I gotta get a plastic bag I
gotta get all this poop Oh rust bucket
oh crust me for if it’s really really
hot out the top part crust over in
guitar but when I go to pick it up it’s
like a blanket and this bottom is still
warm and squishy it just sucks that nice
the fresh blanket effect just teeming
steaming with flies
Oh dad and I gotta go bring up the hose
and I got and washed it out I mean that’s
just the problems outside don’t even get
I started if he pees or poops inside
I’m just I’m done with him for the day I
don’t want to see him you’re going in
your bathroom
what do you be on which carpet there’s
this one now put the one outside he’s
done it on all the parties he makes
everything dirty he makes everything
dirty our house is a wreck right now he
gets really bored with toys and so we
have to get him a new toy so that he’ll
chew on that toy instead of chewing on
all of our furniture and everything so
now he has a thousand toys strewn all
over the house toys, he’s not in school

he gets the bed all dirty and thank God
I don’t have to do laundry because
Kristen does the laundry, but she’s doing the
sheets like almost twice a week because
camper gets into bed and it just
destroyed the bed and it frickin sucks
but I don’t get to clean it up so hey
all right next one camper is not a
camper is not aware of the surroundings
he is a large puppy
he doesn’t realize it though he thinks
he’s tiny, so he tries to get under
tables he almost knocked over our mirror
last night it can be an issue sometimes
he’ll also just like go and run in the
street and he doesn’t understand
boundaries yet and he’s a puppy he’ll
get overall most of these problems that
we’re talking about but still something
to note that just fricking sucks because
I have to constantly
keep them on the leash keep an eye on
because he’s going to go run
somewhere or poop somewhere something
somewhere oh yes stay camper okay yeah
because you don’t wet oh no no no no
okay see this is actually happening
right now we’re not even staging this he
knows no boundaries and the final thing
that sucks about having camper is when
he has problems, and this is the most
annoying thing because you feel bad for
him when he’s having problems like right
now he is sleeved so now I have to go to
the store like right now to pick up k9
Advantix because he’s got fleas and us
got to get rid of his fleas and when we
first got him he had parasites and him
was freaking buchen up all over the
place going to the vet every single week
to get checkups when he’s a puppy a new
shot this and that these are things that
stack up that you don’t necessarily
realize when you get a dog, and it sucks
while we were on the topic of k9
Advantix and all this stuff me and
Kristin realized that caper looks a lot
like the k9 Advantix dog so I wrote a
little jingle about camper kind of
apologizing for some of the bad stuff
that we kind of talked about in this bad
columns part of the video and here it is
so the market has all Kristin I really love
you I hope you’re listening I didn’t
mean to ruin your carpet and I’m sorry
Michael smell describes the target
forgive me now that I’m older Plus how
could you leave this my clover the guys
are suckers for romantic thanks again
for putting up with all my ethics or
giving across Cuba scripts work up some
reports of your dish now that we are
done with the bad stuff, we can move on
to the good stuff
campers looking at right now look at him
just chilling he’s just chilling he
actually is a really good balance
between wanting to play and roughhouse
but also be chill he’s like the perfect
amount of it and that is so awesome but
that’s not one of the five things that
makes him us let’s get to it
one of the things that make campers
still fricken awesome is that he loves
the water we first discovered that he loved
water when I was trying to spray out his
pee out of the grass, and he would chase
the hose so now he always chases the
hose when we’re spraying the yard which
can be problematic sometimes but I
really loved seeing him play in the hose
and he just jumps in the water from the
very beginning when he was a puppy we
I took him over to my brother’s house and
he has a really large pool and him kind
of got his feet wet literally in the
pool and now he just dives in he’ll go
fetch anything in the pool and I’ll even
put something under the water and he’ll
dive under the water to get something
did a camper come onto the camper well
he was aa good dog he’s going to be a
pro swimmer, so that is one of the things
that I love about camper something that
makes having a dog awesome is when they
learn any trick
hey hey hey
yesterday we taught him how to layout
so now he knows how to sit he knows how
to stay, he knows how to lay down he can
come, so he’s getting the basics now
which is really awesome and there’s
nothing better than when he learns a new
trick anyone who has a dog knows this
feeling when you come home and you see
him so excited and happy it can’t be
beat that makes my day now it literally
does especially in the morning when he’s
been sleeping and we let him out of the
the bathroom he always grabs a towel or some
type of blanket and drags it in and
gives it to us and he’s just seen how I’m
a very physically affectionate person
and so I get to get all of my keeps this
aggression out on camper so let me get
right in his eye and his nose in his
mouth and just kiss him all over even if
he’s really rambunctious and I
just kind of like hold and really tight
and like start kissing him on his face
he just chills out which is awesome he
doesn’t bite my face he put my face one
time and I have like I had a little
scratch on my nose, but that was when he
was a tiny puppy now he’ll just let me
kind of like rough him up and hehe
loves it I think at least sometimes when
I see him well every time I see him I
grit my teeth I mean Kristen had this
the joke where we say our teeth are gonna
turn to powder because we love them so
much we like doing it it’s so tiny
and when we do that our teeth grit and
then we feel like it’s turning into
powder I’ve created at the end of the
we can do that too much Elysium yeah the
the final thing that makes camper awesome is
everybody loves camper when we’re
walking him down the street people stop
and like oh my god that is the cutest
dog in the world I’m like a proud parent
it makes you feel good when someone says
that your kid is cute or beautiful or
he’s a show dog I mean he’s he’s
beautiful let’s get real for a
second guys are you looking at that
thing are you freaking looking at that
big camper okay
what’s that Cameron look at this look at
the camera camper get here sir take kids
you’re so perfect
everybody loves you the title of this
the video says I wasn’t ready for a dog and
I wasn’t, and I think most times in life
you are not ready for things they just
happen, and you adapt I think it’s so
true that you always rise to the
occasion and with a camper, you know what
there were some things that I wasn’t
ready for but I had to grow and learn
and now I’m a proud parent of a dog but
was it worth it yes a thousand per cent
100 thousand per cent it’s worth having
camper even those small little things
that I talked about in the very
beginning of the video yes they suck
there is part of life, but he’s going to
get better at those things and most of
these things that I’m talking about is
just him and his puppy stage I think
he’s going to get over most of these
things it’s so 21 pretty sweet are guys
that’s it for the video I thought of you
wants to be here alright good I was
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