I Wasn’t Ready For a Dog | Tips for New Puppy Owners

How it’s been going and the update
and everything else you have been asking
me in the comments so stay tuned oh I
love him hey y’all what’s up welcome
back to his channel if you guys are new
welcome when it was day if you guys
returning oh my gosh thanks for coming
back today is the part two and the
update of I wasn’t ready for a dog video
you guys were asking for an update to
see how he’s doing so this is him he’s a
little camera shy
it says him he’s big remember in the
other video I was like holding him like
this you can see how much bigger he I
just gave my haircut so give me some
grace because he looks a little straggly
by the way I didn’t tell you on his name
his name was – he’s a little Maltipoo he
was apricot however he claims like white
and cream so it’s a little weird but I
was sad about it originally but anyway
so sorry all

I can already tell this
videos about to be kind of craziness cuz
he’s not as chill as II was in the first
a video, so that’s okay before we hop in
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well um so you are notified immediately
whenever our post so anyway he’s trying
to bite my fingers which is no don’t do
that no biting so anyway oh goodness
anyway you all let’s hop on with the video
okay so in the last video I was talking
about how I was like stressed
you all stressed because I realized I got
a dog and I didn’t know how much work
and how much change it was going to be to
on daily life and so I made a video kind
of being saying hi sweetie detailing
everything about that look at the camera
he’s telling everything about fat and

how I felt but also encouraging you guys
to keep your dog and just wait it out
because it’s gonna get better
no I freaking love this little annoying
little cute little furball I just love
him so much and he’s so sweet
so anyway golf so that’s I would say the
first the first update I could say is
that training him helped me so much so
my boyfriend actually trained him to go
in his kennel on command we just say

he goes on my skin and I’ll
show you guys in a minute
all those little tricks and stuff and
then we also have a command called the place
he just got super randomly excited okay
okay place the go-to place
so there’s a place that’s how he does
place wherever this thing is so always
just go here at whatever I say home no
biting no biting, he’s still in this
the weird phase of trying to bite your
fingers it doesn’t hurt see it doesn’t

however it’s annoying so stop it hey
chill chill and so place she’s just
simply where he goes on his like little
bed or whatever he he loves his bed okay
okie dokie – what like so he wants to go
on his on the bed so no so that’s pretty
much he’ll usually go on there for a
good amount of time and he won’t come
off until I say okay so that’s pretty
much what’s happening I won’t try to see
him right now I wish I could have
everything in the shot but he knows how
to roll over he knows how to like spin
spin I’ll show y’all in a minute what
all that looks like but I’ll give him
like a blueberry he’ll like turn around
in the circle as he’s standing up on his
back legs roll over good boy
Oh double roll over okay spin spin good
boy good boy sit down sit good boy so
that’s fine and then he knows how to say
it lay down roll over
sit down roll over good boy good boy
you’re not gonna do high five or the
wave thingy wave command haha good boy
good boy I’m gonna send you all that he
is so hyper right now y’all so I am kind
of like so it’s kind of a lot right now
but anyway some of you guys were asking
oh do you still have him how is it and
honestly y’all yes obviously I still
have him right here and he’s the
sweetest most friendliest most annoying
little dog in the world and I just love
him so much so I just wanted to give you
guys this random update like I said
before I gave him a haircut this morning
so he is a little straggler looking but
I don’t want him coming on in front of
you guys looking a mess

so yeah so anyway y’all let me see
what other updates do we have he is
still on his puppy food his birthday is
actually March 31st which is a few days
kind of from today from what I’m
actually filming this video no telling
when this video is actually gonna be up
and that’ll be his one-year so he’s not
even one years old yet and so yeah he is
having the time of his life this little
thing oh my gosh anyway um so okie dokie.

oh yes so I’m trying to have any other
updates for you guys so at the very
beginning I told you guys the biggest
thing was like toy second stuff like
that so one of the new updates is that
huge – through pretty much every stuffed
animal that there is and a lot of people
were like oh I wish my dog was like
yours and can have little like stuffed
animals and stuff in this K airiness nut
cage but it has kennel and it’s crate
and stuff like that oh yeah darn no this
could say that but I was thinking like
oh thank god he can cuz it’s super cute
but now he chews through everything like
literally this toy right here if you
would let go of it I could show you guys
this toy right here he’s pretty much
torn through a good chunk of it that if
I like leave it in the playpen with him
and stuff he’ll just he’ll just chew
through it so I’m not buying him anymore
claw things anything else
I’m only buying him like heart things
like this his Kong about put peanut
butter in and stuff like that that’s it
but I’m not this is gonna be his last
out last little soft toy because he’s
his teeth that got even sharper and he’s
gotten bigger in his head more not
aggressive but he can do more so he’s
pretty much like okay.

this is just too
much he’s pretty much chew through all
this stuff animals I’ve thrown them away
to keep him safe to make sure he’s not
swallowing like the stuffing stuff sorry
oh he is super hyper because he’s been
in this crate because today is Foley day
for me so he always goes job anyway let
me see what else he’s now jumping on the
couch oh he’s big enough to do that
super fast runner by the way he’s a fast
slow guy he’s really cute he’s also very
scary I have another video on my channel
where I took him to the docpods were
like oh look I better just keep taking a
little Wawa I did and honestly he’s just
not I don’t know what in it he’s cool if
it’s like a one-on-one dog but if it’s
like $8 around them he like does not
like that and so and I’ve tried you I
promise you
even when I’m out and about until he
gets comfortable like I’m walking with
another dog I let him play for a minute
but – like he’s literally running
from the dog like literally wrapping me
around in his leash because he’s so
afraid not afraid he just doesn’t want
to play so I’m like okay but then we get
home he’s literally like doing the most
but we do have some family friends who
they have like a little Maltese and so
we let that we let him go over there and
run around in their backyard with the
dog and he loves that dog so it’s like
he it’s not he wasn’t like other dogs I
think he just doesn’t like big groups of
dogs and I just have to accept that and
be cool with that no not don’t mess with
my microphone get on you’re just so cute
fold anyway I think that’s pretty much
it he’s doing great I like again I’m
here to encourage you guys if you have
if you have a dog you’re still in the
same way that I do at the beginning
where I was overwhelming I was literally
crying I was like I have to give him up
and I was coming up with all these
random like excuses two reasons why I
would have to give him up and it just
wasn’t valid you know so I just stuck it
out and I’m so thankful I did I could
have been that little pup with anybody
else and you know don’t be so sad so
anyway I just love him so much so if
y’all think about a dog I think it’s
totally worth it it’s gonna be some work
at the beginning he was my very first
dog by myself I grew up with dogs but he
was my very first dog to have by myself
so my boyfriend helps a lot with him
he’s the one that taught him the place
command kennel commands I mean I think
he taught him how to do the way thing I
taught him how to sit down lay down and
roll over and then also the twirl thing
when they were you standing so I’m gonna
show you guys some of his tricks and
stuff oh you’re so cute you’re so
this is vid I took a chaotic video
hopefully this was helpful to someone
this is why I don’t film videos with him
because he’s just extra so anyway see
here’s a piece give me that give me that
stop here’s a piece of his little toy
Lata’s telling you about he’s like torn
up like this toy and I’m like okay so
okay okay okay

all right whatever take it anyway so
yeah I would say the biggest thing if
you are in a law right now and you’re
like oh my god what do I do I just got
this thought I don’t love it I’m not to
do like you ever sleep again a little
blah there was one day Christian that’s
my boyfriend he was like honest and and
remember he’s a dog like your member
he’s a dog and it’s okay like it
certainly sometimes you have to run to
the store and leave him at the house and
this kennel and he’s just gonna sleep
he’s gonna be okay like so he their dogs
are not like humans so it’s fine so I
would just say get you some chew toys
like or they will chew on something
they’re gonna chew on something just get
them something back
like Chuang without getting in trouble
so and I also ivic see I’ve expanded his
kennel at first which is like one
section of it cuz when you’re potty
training you only want them to be like
in a little section of it where if they
pee well they won’t pee because I don’t
really get it on themselves dogs not
like a sleep where they like go to the
bathroom so that’s hot potty trained him
and then now he pees on commands I’ll
say like I don’t I’m gonna do it right
now but also that go pee and he’ll just
go in and he’ll he’ll pee she’ll just go
outside and he’ll be like looking around
I go pee and then he’ll go pee so he’s
gotten that down he’s a really really
smart dog he’s also he can be a little
bit much devious I’ve got something with
his breed then he can be a little bit
mischievous so that’s why it’s big to
train dogs that have like a little not
sneaky pattern about them but are very
smart like poodles you want to
definitely train them and train them
well if you don’t they could use their
smarts for bad so be sure you’re
training him we were gonna take him to a
place that was like super like this
place that are really good but they’re
really expensive and I was like I know
and so we honestly just YouTubed
different dog training tutorials and so
I will link some down below that helped
us and that Christian Mike that helped
them with whatever it came with starting
commands and stuff like that so yeah
pretty much yes I still have them as an
update if you guys are stressed and
worrying about it I would just say give
a time wait it out and understand that
there are times where you can put them
in this play pan you can put them in a
kennel and just chill you mean like its
its regular life you’re just adding a
little munchkin to it so I just love him
so much so he does not sleep in the bed
with me I know there’s probably be a
question he does not sleep in the bed
with me he still sleeps in his kennel I
just know I’m gonna get too too attached
I heard like small dogs not really
attached her they’re like um female
owners and get really protective so I
didn’t want that to happen but good
thing is Christian is always here so I
don’t think that would happen because he
has he has the male like person here and
he’s not afraid of him you mean like so
I think that’s good but yes no dashes
nicely with me so sleep in his kennel
but he’s good with that first used to
scream at night and like bark and stuff
but it’s an awful scream but you know me
but not isn’t anymore he just go
straight miss kennel and goes to sleep
and he’s good so yeah you just stop
licking me in the face I also learned
how to like groom him myself
because the senior girls on a budget and
so – will you just have to like you know
like let him know you’re gonna it’s time
for grooming right good let them know
it’s time for a grooming and he’ll get
it together he’ll like chill out and let
you do it
to do so I just left it’s like little
puffs on the top of his head so I can’t
with him super cute and puffy so anyway
I hope this video was helpful again I
feel like it was so scattered or
whatever but yes yes I love him I
definitely recommend you getting a dog
if you’re by yourself even if you’re not
and assume your husband your kids or
whatever listen I love having a dog and
I was telling Christian my boyfriend I
was like honestly I’d probably never not
have a dog do you mean like I love love
love love having – it also helps you get
outside more and be a little more active
so on nice days I’m like can someone
take – outside you’re wrong with him and
stuff like that so it does help you be
like more of an active person overall so
he’s really enjoying this little rub
right now so isn’t he just the freakin
cutest little itchy pop okay all just
he’s afraid of the camera Oh – yeah got
any questions for me let me know down
below in the comment section there’s
anything I left out about him that you
guys want to know also let me know down
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more videos like this give me a thumbs
up give us a thumbs up that way we know
you want to be you want to be updated
with stuff like this when it comes to –
and dog stuff like that I’ll sing about
doing a dog vlogger I’m not sure if
y’all wanted that type of content on
this channel so just let me know give me
a thumbs up let me know down below in
the comments as well so anyway I love
you guys so much and I’ll see you guys
in this video

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