if you’re new I make videos on this thing called
YouTube and I’ve actually been going for
a little while now I think it’s been in
3 months
since my last video but I am
back and I’m here with a special guest
my puppy a Gatsby who’s quite famous
actually and today’s video is actually
going to be about things that a new dog
owner should’ve buy so I got this little
guy back in October and I was a first
time a dog owner my family has had dogs

this was my first dog and i
honestly did not know what to get him
what I would need the first day
that we got him, we had nothing prepared
for him, so we went to the pet store kind
of panicking about what he needed my
friends now are starting to get puppies
and they’ve been asking Trisha what do I
need what my dog need like what do is
they want so I thought I would make this
video for those first-time dog owners I
know that if I had something like this
or a list that would be very very
helpful so let’s just get into the video
so first things first let’s get the
obvious stuff out of the way your dog
is going to need a dog bed now this one
is actually from Ellen DeGeneres’s line
at Petsmart, they have really cute stuff
and I’ve been obsessed with it, so I got
him this one from the Ellen line no this
one he has grown out of he is a
tiny dog but this bed just it’s too
small for him he can’t split properly so
I decided to get him a new one, and it’s
over there so let me go get
it okay this new bed is really
big it’s from Marshalls, but you know

he loves it and seems like I can’t even
show you the whole thing because it’s
huge but he loves it it’s pretty comfy
it’s a marble pattern very modern and I
don’t know the dimensions right on the
top of my head but I’ll put it on the
screen somewhere and you can also take
the covers off if it gets dirty put that
in the wash, so dog beds you need that
another self-evident thing that you need
to get your dogs our dog bowls this one
we bought from the breeder they
were like selling stuff there but it
just looks like this I’ve heard from
many dog owners that it’s best for your
dog to have like an elevated dog bowl
stand or something because it’s better
further back and digestion but he’s

I feel like this is fine for
him going along with those dog bowls you are
also going to need a little placemat for
when the food spills or the water spills
you don’t want your floors to get dirty
so placement and then obviously you’re
going to need a dog food I am NOT going
to disclose what we currently feed
Gatsby because I feel like a lot of
people get worked up about what food who
should be feeding your dog but I will
say that we started him on the dog food
that the breeder currently fed him and I
recommend that you do the same
because if you transition your dog into
another food they may not transfer as

They make it like a stomachache so
stick it to the foods that your breeder
is currently feeding them and then over
the time you can transition at the dog food
you want your dog to, but I will say that
try to go for something rich in
protein and grain-free your puppy is
going to be releasing a lot of energy so
they need that protein moving on you are
going to need a treat and treat jars so
this one is just from the ellen
DeGeneres line this one is from
Marshalls, I think and it’s just good to
have to store your treats in here and
treats is another thing that you should
get your dog especially for training
they’re going to need incentive and
motivation so we started him out on
this little mug bone treats for
the training I would split them in half or
when I would train him just so like you
wouldn’t have too much because you know
treats aren’t that healthy for dogs but
this one freshens and cleans
teeth so I just went with this one it’s
the tiniest size another kind
of treat that I got him are called
greenies and they’re gentle treats that
look like a little toothbrush they smell
a little weird but I heard that they
we’re perfect for dogs he seems to
like them some dogs don’t but
it’s also recommended on the packaging
that you don’t feed them to dogs under
six months because they are supposed to
be chewed and not swallowed cool because
if they are swallowed whole which has
happened in some cases for other dogs
not my dog it can be harmful so
make sure that your dog chew their food
if you plan on giving them these they
clean their teeth and him just really
likes them every dog needs a colour
harness and leash and I’m so thankful to
say that this part of the video is
sponsored by puffs style store they are
an online store based in Australia that
specializes and stylish let me emphasize
that stylish dog accessories for your
some people might say that it’s not a
big deal to dress up your dog and
stylish items but
I don’t know that was important
for me and I feel like a pop style store
has captured that aesthetic, so they were
gracious enough to send over some stuff
and I’m happy to share them with you so
this first item is a leash from
the greatest collection it has risen gold
hardware right there and it’s like a
denim material almost and what I really
like about this is that they use vegan
leather so no animals were harmed in the
making of any of these products that are
for your animals the leash is I think
five feet in length and the little
handle for you is right here again vegan
leather and it comes with this little
ring to attach your keys maybe poop bags
or maybe like a clutch that you have so
I like this, and it’s also durable
and to match with this is but I’ll step
in harness again from the greatest
the collection now if your dog is anything
like my, he’s to hate harnesses that
would go over his head and squish his
ears he would hide under the table and
would refuse to put them on, so I’m
glad that pup style has come out
with these Stepan harnesses that are way
easier for your dog to wear and also
easier for us humans to put on them so
along with that set is also the collar
again vegan leather rose gold hardware
and that little um denim material and
you can also engrave if you wish the
little tag
they were also gracious enough to send
us this little bowtie that goes
through the collar, it’s like an ass tack
material with polka dots on it and also
this reversible bandana I think this is
from their blessed collection, so there’s
just little crosses on them and then on
the back again it’s ashtec, and it’s cute
because they were able to personalize
his name right there now puff style has
also, come out with a brand new
the collection called palm vibes perfect for
it’s unisex, and it looks like this cute
a little reversible bandana the other
the side is like a shiny silver pattern the
matching bow tie is right here and then
the leash looks like this again it’s
five feet in length with rose gold
materials he does have the matching
collar to go with the whole palm vibes
collection but he’s wearing it right now
so I cannot show you but all of the
things are high-quality durable
and stylish which is a bonus and them
also have other collections on the
a website that is available so if you’re
interested in purchasing from them you
can go ahead and use the code at Gatsby
20 for 20 per cent off now I’m going to
move on to hygiene products that you
should get your little fur friend the
first one is pretty self-explanatory
wipes if they’re going on a walk and
their paws get dirty and whatnot boom
the next thing that you should get but
wouldn’t think of getting but you
need are brushes and combs
for your dogs this one is called I think
it’s called a stickler brush and then
another one that I have is a comb for my
the dog I feel like this one is actually
easier to use right after he’s taking a
bath I just it’s easier and I feel like
it hurts him less so these two and we
would take him to get groomed at
Petsmart he would come out like really
soft and smelling good so
I asked the groomers what they
used and this is what it is it’s Chi for
dogs because you know dogs need to be
pampered and deserve to be bougie as
well so this one is the deep
moisture shampoo and then this one is
the leave-in conditioner moisturizing
spray it looks like is that and it has
keratin in it so maybe that’s why it’s
super soft I also use a little bit of
coconut oil on his fur and I feel like
that makes it even more smooth so
coconut oil it has
benefits I also put it into
little ice cube trays and then freeze it
and then give it to him as a treat once
a week and it helps fight
infection helps with digestion and it
also has a lot of hidden and benefits
and vitamins in it if you do your
the research you’ll know see you
coconut oil is another essential
sticking with hygiene another thing that
you should get your dog our pee pads for
them to go potty in or around the house
they’re not going to be potty trained
your house trained the moment that you
get them, so they are going to have
accidents around the house
which reminds me you should also get an
enzyme cleaner um to spray for when they
have accidents around the house I’ll put
a picture somewhere here now these next
two items I feel like you don’t have to
get um only if it works in your
situation but we take Gatsby out to a
lot of places we travel a lot so this
works for us and this is a collapsible
of the food bowl and water bowl so how it
works are you just pop it out like that
and boom you got a bowl that way you
don’t have to carry your dog bowls
everywhere you go so going along with
the portable and travel stuff what I
find handy especially for the
summer months when it gets boiling is
a portable water bottle for your dog my
the dog is HT poo, so he’s pretty small and
doesn’t need a lot of exercises he’s
pretty much a choke house dog so when I
do take him out on those 30-minute walks
he gets exhausted easily and pants so
I always carry this water bottle around
with me when I take him on a walk when
he needs a little break I can just press
this button and then there’s water for
him but that is it for our videos today
if you liked it, then please give it a
big thumbs up and comment down below if
you think I missed anything or things
that I need or what you want to see from
me extra comment down below and I’ll see
you next time

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